The first on-site event took place on Nov 1st with great success. As we, the heritage volunteers, are starting to grow passionate about the site, it is reassuring that local people are also willing to brave the rain and take part in the on-site activities, as diverse as touring the site or drawing with coal.

The presence of ex-miners and father-son duo Ronny and Gary proved a rare chance to learn about the day-to-day realities in a coal-mine. Historical mining artefacts were displayed on a table for closer inspection alongside a number of other Victorian artefacts, which gave a broader insight into the period during which the mine was operated. Passionate volunteers were at hand to offer a host of additional information.

There were so many questions that some had to remain unanswered in the short time that the event took up. But this shows that, even now, in only the second week of the project, the work is bearing some fruits. It is astounding what a difference even a small amount of clean-up work can make and we are all looking forward to making the next event even more successful.

By Sarah Wenig (Unearthing the Past Volunteer)


3 thoughts on “Drawing People In

  1. Hi, I live at woodend dunwood and I am fascinated by the history of the site. I often visit most days. I have a great picture if the place taken from dunwood park farm field on the opposite side of the road. I also found a while ago a platnum grade 2 cap once of the boiler in good condition. I have contacted the makers of the platnum hub as there name was on it. They told me what it would have been. Don’t know if any one who runs the site would be untested in these that I have. I was wondering when the next meet would be so I could come a long.
    Many thanks Chris oconnor

    • Hi Chris, great stuff – we would love to hear from you and see any pictures you may have.
      The volunteers and archaeologists will be down on site again next Thursday (29th November) between 10:30am and 2:30pm.
      Kindest regards.

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