Watch this video to learn about Jubilee Colliery and its past, from the discovery of coal fields around Shaw and Oldham to the colliery’s closure in 1932.

Video: Sean Taggart /  Photos: Courtesy of Oldham Local Studies Library  /  Audio: Alex MacDonald / Larry Kearns, the Oldham Tinkers and all the guys of Folk At the Oak

2 thoughts on “The Story So Far

  1. The statement about ‘the discovery of coal fields around Shaw and Oldham is inaccurate at best.

    Coal mining was an occupation in this area long before the industrial revolution. The earliest recorded reference is 1524 when a Richard Wild was paid 16s ‘for getting coals in Lennardine.’


    Lennardine brook (aka Brushes Brook) can be located between Crow Knowl and Crompton Moor (the actual Moor not the generic area) where the ancient ‘breast-high’ workings can still clearly be seen following the contour of the hill around the foot of Crow Knowl towards Wicken Hall in Rochdale.

    Jubilee Colliery plays a significant role in the history of the area and I think it’s fantastic what the project has achieved but it needs to be put into context with the surrounding area if ‘Unearthing the Past’ is to be truly applicable.

    • Many thanks for your insightful comment. Unfortunately this project has now come to an end but we are hoping to secure funding to run a follow up project. If we’re successful we would very much welcome your input and contribution.

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