This photo is from the first day of the dig – we started to excavate the site of the main chimney. As you can see in the middle of this photo the brickwork forms a pattern so we decided to continue digging this area to see how the chomney was constructed and to find the chimney floor.


This photo shows the progress at the end of day 2. You can see the inverted arch in the brickwork of the chimney. It is likely that a flue would have run above this to link up the chimney to the coke ovens.

20140611_144954On Wednesday we continued to uncover the chimney structure but a group of volunteers also carried out some surveying with Pete from Oxford Archaeology North. The group found what could be the bases of more coke ovens that were not found in the original project in 2012 so we are hoping to continue excavating this area next week.

If you would like to come and visit we have an open day on Tuesday 17th June from 10.30 am – 2.30 pm. I hope you can join us!



3 thoughts on “First week of the dig – photos and findings!

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    The big dig at Jubilee Colliery in Shaw has started and the volunteers have made a big impact already. Keep up to date with developments on the Jubilee blog…

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