These photos are from our taster day held on Tuesday 17th June 2014. Thank you so much to all of you who attended and lent a hand!


Pictured above volunteer Alyson Kingham has been helping out every day of the dig so far. You can see in this photo that Alyson has been working on unearthing and cleaning part of the large chimney structure. The inverted brick arch in the base of the chimney would have been to support the weight above it. We believe a flue would have been above this part of the chimney.


Here a Practical Countryside Skills Volunteer is helping to clear invasive Himalayan Balsam from the site. Our work at Jubilee is not just restricted to the archaeology but also to conservation as it is now a nature site.


Luke has been helping to improve the network of paths around the site so that it is accessible for walkers, volunteers and groups visiting the site. Volunteers have helped to cut back overgrown vegetation and put in new steps where they were damaged. IMGP6620

Matthew Lynwood, Practical Countryside Skills team leader clearing Balsam from the hill.


Above photo – Darcy Bevan, a recent graduate is volunteering to help to uncover the boiler house floor


Shaun Smith and Ed Kramer working together starting a new trench to find the boiler house door


This has been another productive week – we have had 26 primary school pupils on site from Firbank Primary and so far 45 people have volunteered at the site!

Thank you to Andrew Fowler, Marketing & Communications Manager for coming to site to take these photos!

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