It has been another busy week for us at Jubilee Colliery. 50 people have now volunteered their time to help us uncover Jubilee’s history.

P1030372Finds trays are filling up


Volunteers discussing the finds over a cup of tea


Some interesting pieces are turning up all over the site – this fire place edge was found near the coke ovens and features an oak and acorn design


The brickwork of the chimney has been exposed


Inverted brick arches for strength


The boiler house floor

P1030399 P1030402 P1030405

Weekly team meetings take place on Wednesday afternoons for all the volunteers to catch up on progress.

We have been uncovering structures ready to share with visitors at our open days. The next taster day for volunteers will be Tuesday 15th July from 10.30 am – 2.30 pm so if you are keen to lend a hand please do get in touch to book on this. Our first open day is planned for Saturday 12th July. We will be running tours and family friendly activities from 1 – 3 pm so please do come and join us then!

Thanks for visiting!




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