20140702_145415Interesting bricks from the site – some have the makers name printed on them – others have the ‘house’ shape. Lesley Mills, volunteer,  tells us that the house shape frogs in the bricks are more like paddle marks. This would be caused by lifting a lot of bricks​ in one lift into the kiln for firing. The bricks would have been stacked (could be about 200+) and the binding that goes round the stack would have been timber to hold them together. The timber would have grips which would press into the clay leaving the house shaped paddle mark on some bricks. The timber would of course burn away in the firing. Leaving the paddle marks on some of the bricks on the outside of the stack.
20140630_123015 Last week we continued clearing Himalayan Balsam which is starting to take over the site!

20140702_125729 We uncovered more of the chimney base and found more unexpected outer walls and cavities which are not in the plan or early maps


The team have uncovered a new set of coke ovens which do not appear on any of the maps we have for the site!

To come and see for yourself please come and join us this Saturday 12th July. We will be on site from 1 – 3 pm to show visitors around the site, we will have refreshments on offer as well as family friendly activities!


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