This week work progressed on the excavation and we have been gearing up to open new areas for tomorrows open day.

We had a new welfare unit delivered on Tuesday – those of you planning to visit the site will be pleased to hear there is a clean kitchen and toilet facility available!

The areas we have now opened up are the coke ovens at the far end of the site, the boiler house floor and connecting chimney and a new area of investigation which looks like coke ovens on the 1893 map of the area.

Our volunteers have had a busy week making the site look presentable for the open day, researching areas of interest and grouping the findings to show any weekend visitors.

Volunteers Gary and Stephen have been busy back at Groundwork building a mine tunnel and coal tubs for visitors to try out on the forth coming open days! Gillian has been busy making a treasure hunt and prepping craft activities.

Interesting finds this week include an Edwardian lace up boot, pieces of machinery and a machine bed with bolts still attached near the habitat benches. (photos to follow soon!)

If you can make it tomorrow we look forward to meeting you and sharing the story of Jubilee!




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