Last week we continued cleaning and recording our findings. The photo above is volunteer Ed Kramer drawing the coke oven trench to scale.


We have also had lots of little visitors – tiny common toads appearing across the site and a bumblebee nest in one of our brick dust spoil heaps!


Kat Issacs, Princes Trust Volunteer, who joined us on work experience this week managed to get a short video of the bees going in and out of the brick dust pile.

We are very lucky to have a bumblebee nest on our site and will not be able to disturb the area where the nest is until late autumn when the bees have moved on so if you want to have a look for yourself pop down to the site!

For more information on bumblebees click here

As this was our last week of archaeology we also had a BBQ to thank the team for all their hard work.



Jo, Kat and Gayle prepping BBQ and salads in the gazebo (classic British BBQ in the rain!)


Our thanks go to the brilliant staff at Oxford Archaeology North – Phil Cooke (above photo), Ian Miller, Chris Wild and many others who have facilitated the dig every day for the past 10 weeks and for getting so many local people involved in uncovering Jubilee’s heritage. The next phase of the project will be preserving the finds and sharing the story with the community.


I am just editing the many photos we took on Saturday at our Victorian day and I will post an update on this soon!

Thank you for reading!


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