Sorry for this belated post on the progress at Jubilee! Since the dig finished in August we have been working hard on preserving the remains we have uncovered.

We are being advised and supported by Alan Gardner Associates, Paul McGiffen of McGiffen Masonry and Rupert Hilton of R.Hilton & Co.


Mark and Ed, volunteers, re pointing the chimney area with Lime Mortar


Martin and Andre filling the Chimney base with pea shingle. When the Chimney was demolished after the site closed in 1932 one side of it was damaged. By filling the Chimney with Pea Shingle we are keeping the Structure Safe and supported so we can leave it uncovered

IMGP7444a IMGP7445a

Martin and Paul McGiffen have made some steps with materials from the site to create a safe walk way to the Chimney


Alan Gardner gave a talk to staff and volunteers at the beginning of the Preservation week to tell us all about Lime Mortar and heritage building maintenance techniques. Since then we have learned how to make hot lime mixes, how to point and repair brickwork and methods to best preserve the remains we have uncovered.

You can see for yourself and find out more at our Heritage Open Day on Saturday 13th September 2014 when Rupert and Alan will be on site to do some demonstrations from 1 – 3 pm.

Hope to see you there!


Thanks to Andrew Fowler for coming to take the photos used in this post 🙂

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