We are currently working with a great group of students from Oldham Sixth Form College who are helping us with the Preserving the Past Project. Over the next few Wednesdays our team of students will be helping us to make films, displays and a magazine about the Preserving the Past project.

On the first week we had a visit to Jubilee Colliery to look around and see the remains of the buildings.

Zunera, 18, said she is looking forward to informing others what can be seen at Jubilee. Fahmida, 17, said she is looking forward to taking part in the project taking pictures and making videos. The group plan to interview Jubilee volunteers and ex miners and have planned to make a display and contribute to a Jubilee magazine that we will be able to display at our end of project event.

The project has been organised by Stuart Murray from Voluntary Action Oldham and forms part of a wider initiative being developed to support young people to volunteer during their school or college timetable.

Thank you to Stuart from VAO and Salim from OSFC for organising this … check back soon for updates of what we get up to!


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