Jubilee Colliery: Preserving the Past has received national recognition in a new English Heritage report.

Our volunteer led heritage project has been included as a case study in section 1 of the ‘Heritage Counts 2014 report. This is great news for the project and the people involved in helping to preserve the remains of Jubilee Colliery.

‘Heritage Counts’ is an annual survey of the state of England’s historic environment. It collects data and information on funding, participation and the number and type of listed buildings. It also summarises the key policy developments in each year. It is produced by English Heritage on behalf of the Historic Environment Forum (HEF).

This year’s report has a particular focus on ‘the value and impact of heritage’ and a piece about the Jubilee project appears in a section called ‘Heritage participation and perceptions’. The Heritage Lottery funded project, included a volunteer-led excavation, heritage conservation work and a wide range of community engagement activities.

Click for more information on Heritage Counts

Click to read the Heritage Counts report


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