The Jubilee Colliery was built in 1845 and closed in 1932. The site is one of the last few remaining examples of Oldham’s industrial mining heritage and is the most accessible one in the area. Since the colliery closed, nature has moved back into the site. Trees, ferns, mosses, fungi and flowers have colonised the colliery remains and rubble, in turn attracting local wildlife to the area.

Its location is ideal in order to explore and share the story of Oldham’s industrial past. In recent years, Groundwork has used the site to carry out volunteer-based work, making it more usable and accessible for the public.

Jubilee Colliery: Unearthing the Past was a project that saw a group of volunteer heritage trainees help to create a local heritage legacy. The group worked with experts to rediscover Jubilee Colliery and inform others of their findings through community events and activities. The volunteers developed new skills and a greater understanding of their local heritage.

Jubilee Colliery: Preserving the Past was a volunteer-led heritage project delivered from April to October 2014 by Groundwork and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. For more information email john.davies@groundwork.org.uk

1848 map

Map of the site from 1848


Site map 1893

Map of the site from 1893


Site map 1909

Site map 1909


Map of site from 1936

Map of site from 1936


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